Frequently Asked Questions

How to play

Adventure Mode

Endless Adventure is the main game mode of Slotventures. You need to complete missions of each level to go to the next level.

You can select a slot that you want to use to clear the missions, and you can change your slot selection anytime during the game by re-entering the level. Your mission progress will be saved, and you can continue clearing the mission with the new slot.

Every slot has different style and different dynamics. Therefore, you need to learn which slot is the best to clear certain mission.

Each level has different level of difficulties. Normal levels are on normal difficulty, but there are some special levels with bonus chest and demons.

- Bonus Chest : Bonus Level

- Demon level : Challenging

Take your time, and discuss with your friends when you encounter a hard challenge. After all, you will overcome any challenges with continuous effort.

How to earn VIP points

You can obtain VIP points by 1) Purchasing or 2) Completing levels in the adventure mode.

What is ruby used for

Rubies are used mostly for below purposes:

1) Upgrade Bonus 777 Slot

2) Play Bonus 777 Slot without waiting time

3) Purchase special items (under development)

How to delete slots

If you don't want to keep certain slots, you can delete it by holding a slot in Slot World for a few seconds. This is pretty much like deleting any app in your phone. You can always re-install the slots you deleted.

How to calculate winning

- Pay-lines go from left to right, and it should start from reel 1.

- Symbols on a pay-line should come consecutively (one after another) uninterrupted by any other symbols, except for Wilds.

- Only the highest paying winning combination is paid per one line.

- The payout are visible on the Pay Table, and every slot has its own pay table.

During the game, your winning combination will be highlighted, so that you can see which winning line worked.

Slot World

In slot World, you can see a map, which shows 1) all open areas and slots, 2) progress of your adventure, and 3) the conqueror of each slot.

You can play slots that you opened during Adventure mode, or you can open slots with Rubies.

Every time you play certain slot in the Slot World, your winning is accumulated to give you a rank in that slot. The Conqueror (Rank #1) will be displayed on the map.

Ranking in Slot World will be reset every season.

How to play Dice Challenge

You can get one free bet every hour or you can bet your own coin to play Dice Challenge.

You will earn higher reward as you go up the round. You can continue playing by using rubies. If you challenge and lose, you will lose all your winnings up to that point.

How to play offline

Unfortunately, we do not have an off-line mode and you need active internet connection to play. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How to get free coins

1) Bonus 777 Slot You can play Bonus 777 Slot to earn free coins. You have 5 free credits to spin. Each credit will be refilled every 12 minutes (5 times per hour). You can upgrade Bonus 777 Slot to get higher payout by investing rubies. In the long-term, your investment will certainly pay off. 2) Daily Spin Bonus You can play daily bonus wheel once a day. 3) Dice Challenge You can play Dice Challenge every 1 hour for free. If you want to play more, you can bet your coins. 4) Daily Challenges You can get free coins by completing at least 5 out of 8 daily challenges. If you complete all 8 challenges, you will earn even bigger reward.

How to play "Time Limit" level?

You can "Spin" and "Stop" the reels to make the slot faster. Please don't put your slots as Auto play mode.

How Bonus 777 is paid?

Bonus 777 slot has only 1 winning line. Just like a normal slot, only the highest payout per line is paid. For example, if you hit two cherries and one 7, you will be paid only for two cherries as two cherries have a higher payout.


How to get my player ID

ustomer support will ask your player ID to handle your queries. To find your play ID, follow below steps. 1. Click setting button. 2. Your player ID is on the bottom of the screen.

How to connect with the Facebook

You are highly recommended to connect your account with the Facebook account to keep your progress safe. To link with your Facebook profile, select "Connect" button in the setting.

Account recovery

1) Restoration with Facebook sync

If you connected your Facebook account, you just need to log in with the Facebook again and your account will be restored.

2) Restoration without Facebook sync

Provide your lost player ID to support. If you don't know the player ID, please send us detail information such as your name, chip amount, levels, purchase history, etc.

However, we may not be able to recover your account if it's not connected with Facebook. Thus, please make sure that you connected with Facebook profile.

My coins are missing

All bets are executed automatically by our server, and any issue in your device would not affect your coin (or ruby) balance. Your winning (or losing) is secured by our server all the time.

If you think you didn't get what you hit, please restart the app and your winning should be added to your balance. If you still think something is wrong, please contact support.


I paid but I got nothing

1) Check if the payment was correctly processed. All purchases are handled by Google Play or Apple, and we don't have any control over purchases. 2) If you think the purchase was processed, but you didn't receive the product, please contact our support in the app or send e-mail to directly with following information. - store account (if different from your e-mail) - store receipt - approximate time and date of the purchase - purchased item (for example "Silver package" or "coin package for $49.99" 3) Please check your mailbox as failed purchase attemps are automatically restored to your mailbox.

I can't make any purchase

Payments are processed by Google Play or Apple. If you are experiencing issues, we would suggest you contacting support team of Google Play or Apple depending on your device.

App Store receipt seems overcharged

There is often a delay between a purchase and the time when you receive a receipt from the App Store that you are using. This applies to all your purchases, not just on Slotventures. This may cause a situation where your receipts were merged into one receipt and therefore you may see a higher value on your receipt. This means that this single receipt may include several purchases during past couple of days. All payments are processed by Google or Apple. Don't worry, it's not overcharged.

Fairy's Package

Fairy's Package is an offer for players who would like to receive a certain amount of coins and rubies on a daily basis.

This is very efficient package as it offers higher total amount of coins and rubies than other one-time coin / ruby packages. Every offer has expire dates, and you will miss daily gifts if you don't log-in to the game.

The number of remaining days can be viewed in the shop. When the offer comes to an end, it will be available again in the shop.

Can I cashout or refund coins?

No. Coins are only for entertainment purpose and no coin can not be cashed out. Refund is not possible if you already used the coins or rubies that you purchased.

Technical Issues

I was disconnected

Please make sure that you have stable internet connection. In any case, your game data is safely stored in the server, and your data will be restored to your account when you reconnect to the server.

If your connection issue continues, pleas check your router and cable box or move closer to your wifi modem. You may try to connect on 4G or LTE if your wifi connection is bad.

Game is not loading or spinning too long

You need to be connected to the internet to play game at all times since all the bets are calculated on the server. You may restart the app once you reconnect to the internet. Any of your bet or game winning will not be lost even if you restart the app as all your data is calculated and stored in the server.

Access Permissions

Slotventures will ask you for some additional permissions, but it's nothing to be scared of. We request for access to your photo, media, and files to provide you with screen capture function in the game. You can use this screen capture function during the game when you hit big wins or want to send screen shots to our support team.